Average Meat Snack
1. No MSG
King Kalibur
Most meat snacks use MSG to mask the unsavory flavors of inferior meat and spices. Unlike them, we rely on the bold natural flavors of U.S.D.A. certified beef and fresh spices.
2. Natural Smoke Flavor
Our products are smoked all day long over a blend hardwoods like maple, oak, and hickory for a robust, natural, smoky flavor. Other meat snacks use artificial smoke flavoring to rush a process that needs time and effort.
3. U.S.D.A. Certified
    Black Angus Beef
All of our beef comes from the United States and is bred specifically for the quality of meat it yields. The meat is part of a certified program registered with the U.S.D.A. and less than 8% of all beef makes this grade. Alarmingly, most other meat snacks not only use beef from foreign countries, but also select older dairy cows which are not bred for their meat. They focus on cost, we focus on quality.
4. Low Sodium
When using inferior ingredients, most meat snacks must use ample amounts of sodium to make the product taste more appealing. We use as little sodium as possible as our meat and spices bloom with flavor already.
Us & Them
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5. No High Fructose
    Corn Syrup
Many companies use HFCS in their products as a cheap sweetener alternative. In our products we use 100% pure U.S. honey for a perfect sweetness that only nature can provide.
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