The Power of Protein!
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This vital nutrient possesses a vast array of attributes that provide countless benefits for the human body.
 Protein and the Body
According to Web the average male needs 56 grams of protein daily and the average female needs 46 grams. Eating just one King Kalibur Black Angus Beef Stick provides 14% for men and 17% for women (3).
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1) Growth In Children:- Protein is particularly important for healthy growth in children. It assists in the building and growth of muscles, helps maintain healthy eyes and vision and also helps keep the immune system working properly. Since children are still developing they need to make sure they are consuming enough protein to ensure that their growth is unimpaired.

2) Repair And Maintenance in Adults:- Consuming protein is also particularly important for repair and maintenance in adults. Proteins help repair damage to your body and also reduce the effects of daily wear and tear. Even though adult's bodies are fully developed, it is still important that they get their recommended daily allowance (RDA) of protein to make sure their bodies do not endure sustained damage.

3) Increased Muscle Mass:- One of the most highly publicized benefits of protein is increased muscle mass. Professional bodybuilders indulge in a high protein diet for this very reason. If you are participating in a muscle building program then it is likely that you require additional protein, so make sure you incorporate this into your diet.

4) Improved Muscle Tone:- Although protein will not improve your muscle tone alone, it can really boost the effects of resistance training. Increasing your consumption of protein as part of a weight training program will help improve the appearance and tone of the muscles all over your body. If toning your muscles is one of your goals, make sure that you are consuming enough protein in your diet.

5) Improved Weight Loss:- Studies have linked protein with both a temporary boost in metabolism and a suppressed appetite. Both of these effects can help you with your weight loss efforts. If you want to lose weight and burn fat, be sure not to neglect protein.

Protein is a highly important part of your diet which can significantly improve both your health and appearance. You should make sure that you get at least your RDA of protein, because without protein it will be your weight loss and/or muscle building goals will be hindered. In the worst cases, not consuming enough protein can even put your health at risk.
A complete protein contains an adequate amount of all of the essential amino acids that should be incorporated into a diet. Some protein contains all the amino acids needed to build new proteins, which generally come from animal and fish products. A complete protein must not lack even one essential amino acid in order to be considered complete. The following foods are examples of complete proteins, which need not be combined with any other food to provide adequate protein:
An incomplete protein is any protein that lacks one or more essential amino acids in correct proportions. These can also be referred to as partial proteins. Even if the protein contains all the essential amino acids, they must be in equal proportions in order to be considered complete. If not, the protein is considered incomplete. These are some examples of incomplete proteins that must be combined with others in order to be considered complete:
Complete and Incomplete Proteins
Help suppress appetite
Build, repair, and maintain muscle mass
Promote healthy child growth
Improve health and look of skin
Key Features:
Collagen is the second-most common substance found in the human body, with the first being water. Collagen protein provides the basis for strong connective tissues and healthy skin, and is a building block for all the body's systems. It also is a major component of membranes that surround and protect the internal organs, and of blood vessels, ligaments, tendons and bones. One fourth to one third of all the protein in the body is collagen protein.
• Better metabolism
• Reliable sleep patterns
• Better skin elasticity
Protein and Appearance
• Improved look of skin
• Higher energy levels
• Muscle retention
Additional benefits of collagen protein include:
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