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Benefits of Consuming Honey
Honey, one of the key ingredients found in our product, has more health benefits than you might think.
Improve your Athletic Performance
Consuming carbohydrates before and during exercise can help improve your performance. Before exercising, these carbohydrates should be in the form of a snack (1). In the time of the ancient Olympics, athletes were reported to eat special foods, such as honey and dried figs, to enhance their sports performance.

Recently, however, one group of researchers has investigated the use of honey as a [performance] aid in athletes. The study involved a group of 39 weight-trained athletes, both male and female. Subjects underwent an intensive weight-lifting workout and then immediately consumed a protein supplement blended with either sugar, maltodextrin or honey as the carbohydrate source. The honey group maintained optimal blood sugar levels throughout the two hours following the workout. In addition, muscle recuperation and glycogen restoration (carbohydrates stored in muscle) was favorable in those individuals consuming the honey-protein combination.

Sustaining favorable blood sugar concentrations after endurance training by ingesting carbohydrates before, during and after training is important for maintaining muscle glycogen stores (glycogen is the form in which sugar is stored in muscle as ready-to-use fuel), so that muscle recuperation is more efficient and the athlete is ready to perform again at their highest level the next day (2).
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Studies at the University of Memphis Exercise and Sports Nutrition Laboratory confirm that honey is one of the most effective forms of carbohydrate to eat just before exercise. Further studies have discovered that as a sporting fuel, honey performs on a par with glucose (the sugar in most commercial energy gels).

Honey and commercial energy drinks and gels offer very similar amounts of carbohydrate. However, energy drinks and gels can contain artificial preservatives, colorings and sweeteners, and miss out on honey's vitamin and mineral content. In contrast, international regulations state that honey must be absolutely pure.

Fructose and glucose are equally pure and there is no difference in taste, carbohydrate content or nutritional value. However, there is a difference in how quickly that carbohydrate is absorbed. Fructose is absorbed more slowly and evenly than glucose - perfect for endurance sport. In contrast, honey with a higher glucose content will provide a swift energy boost.

It's easy to use honey as a source of energy for long-distance events - in fact, you can treat it just the same as any other carbohydrate gel, as honey takes a similar time to get from mouth to muscle - around 15 minutes (3).
Nutritional Benefits
Rapid energy boost
Improved athletic performance
Maintain optimal blood sugar levels post-exercise
Full of natural vitamins and minerals
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